Solution HME Relay offers to Case Managers and Physicians

Our proprietary supply management system (HME Relay) complements EMRs value of better communication. In an attempt to reduce hospital re-admissions, especially for patients with chronic illnesses. We are able to more efficiently connect all parties involved in the patient’s care and to ensure proper and timely delivery of needed medical products to the patient’s homes.

HME Relay connects HME Providers, patients, physicians, case managers, through our portal into one network HMERELAY.COM

  • Easy processing of prescriptions and accompanied documents.
  • Timely delivery of needed patient’s homecare supplies products.
  • Shipping traceability of requested products.
  • Ability to Electronically  request prescription and refills for the patients through online portal.
  • Improved accuracy of requested products.
  • Improved communication between all parties involved in patient care
  • Access to usage data on Diabetic supplies.
  • Improved transparency of prescribed products and reduction of unauthorized refills.
  • Better products management, linked to a reduction in hospital readmission.
  • Allow online access to products status/usage data.