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Welcome to hmerelay.com and/or its affiliates (collectively referred to hereinafter as “HME Relay”). HME Relay’s mission is to help its customers across the health-care industry — from manufacturers to providers of patient care — find answers to the challenges they face. The Services (as defined below) provided to you individually or obtained by you on behalf of your employer (“you” or “yours”) on this web site (the “Site”) include services provided by HME Relay on this Site. The Terms and Conditions of Service apply solely to the Services provided on this Site, include any posted guidelines or rules applicable to particular Services and, as updated by HME Relay from time to time, are collectively referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”. By using the Site, you represent that you are at least eighteen years old and agree to these Terms and Conditions, which govern your use of the Site and Services. A current and complete version of these Terms and Conditions is available on the Site and we encourage you to review it from time to time. Additional terms and conditions may be continued in written agreements between HME Relay and you.


Additional terms and conditions may be contained in written agreements between you and HME Relay.

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